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StraDex f-Series Sensors

StraDex Contactless Sensors for Film Thickness Measurement

ISIS sentronics' StraDex family of sensors gives professionals in the extrusion and converting industries an alternative to the sensor technologies that are currently used to measure the thickness of films and coatings, either off line or on line.

The StraDex f-Series sensors are used in applications where total film thickness ranges from 5um (0.000195") to 300um (0.0118").  Additionally, StraDex f-Series can measure the thickness of individual layers, such as EVOH barrier layers, in a multi-layer film, thus helping producers of such films control production costs and eliminate waste.

Download a copy of the StraDex brochure here:

Application Versatility

StraDex can be mounted on linear or annular traversing units for use in cast film or blown film manufacturing.  One of the advantages that StraDex brings to these applications is that it is a single-ended Spectral Coherence Interferometry based device operating in reflection mode.  This means that the small (61mm x 61mm x 120mm or 2.4" x 2.4" x 4.7") light-weight (750g or 26.4oz.) sensor head is both the transmitter and receiver for the measurement signal.  What this means to the end user deploying StraDex in an on-line application is that only a single traversing unit is required.  This reduces complexity, maintenance concerns, and, ultimately, total cost of ownership.

StraDex can also be used off line to measure film thickness in the R&D lab or in a QA setting.  Users can integrate StraDex into their own test setup, or they can purchase a ready to go system, SemDex f-12, incorporating the appropriate StraDex sensor head for their own specific application.

Multi-Layer Measurement

   StraDex f2-80 StraDex f2-300
 830nm  1300nm
 Working Distance
 2 - 22mm
 Measuring Spot Size  8um  12um
 Thickness Range
 5 - 200um
 12 - 300um
better than 100nm
 Acquisition Rate
 4kHz/16kHz  4kHz

Another unique characteristic of StraDex is its ability to measure the thickness of individual layers in a multi-layer film, while other techniques report the sum of thicknesses of layers of common material.  For instance, a three layer barrier film consisting of 60um of PE, 5um of EVOH, and 80um of PE would be indicated as having a 5um EVOH layer and 140um of PE by nuclear measurement methods, whereas StraDex will report the thickness of each individual PE layer as well as the thickness of the EVOH layer.

Additionally, StraDex is extremely accurate and its results are precise.  Repeatability for the f2-Series is guaranteed at better than 100nm and will exceed that in many applications.

High Line Speeds, Immunity to Web Flutter

StraDex can be used in in-line applications with web speeds approaching 35mph.  StraDex's autofocusing rate of 100um/ms enables it to achieve high immunity to web flutter.  In some applications variations in web to sensor distance of up to 22mm cause no degradation to the measurement results.  Also, because StraDex is an infrared wavelength optical device, it is immune to variations in in-plant lighting.

StraDex on a Linear Traverse in a cast film line

StraDex on an Annular Traverse in a blown Film Line

Report output for a five-layer film.  Nominal thickness is: Layer 1 = 70um; Layer 2 = 10um; Layer 3 = 58um;
Layer 4 = 9um; Layer 5 = 70um; Total = 215um

Does StraDex Fit Your Application?

If you would like to learn more about StraDex, please give us a call at (651) 288-2580, send us an e-mail, fill out one of our contact forms, or download the brochure.  Additionally, there is a product brief that discusses applications in film and coating thickness measurement.  StraDex is not universal, and we would be more than happy to discuss whether SraDex is right for your application.

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